12K Perfection Model

The 12K model; provides guidance to strengthen the constitutional sub-structures of companies for global competition and increase their competence Strategically, Operationally and in a Resultative manner with 3 main, 12 basic and 75 sub articles. The capability of competence in todays companies rely on many and various parameters. These parameters differ according to market dynamics and time. We as Plast Met are continuing our work in the line of 12K Perfection Model within the "Constitutional Transformation for Global Competency" project supported by the Department of SME and Aggregation Support of the Turkish Ministry of Economics, and carried out by TAYSAD

Plast Met Is A Member of TMAT

The Tool Manufacturers Association of Turkey (TMAT) has been founded in Bursa with the decision of the Cabinet Council dated 21.08.2002, to representall constitutions and individuals in the service of the tool production in Turkey. Our Association is the sole institution that represents our industry both domestically and internationally. Based on the basic principle of "mould" production; the association seeks to become a non-governmental organization to add an international depth and effective activities to the ever-growing mold making industry, parallel with the better technologies that provide service and production quality to modern societies. As Plast-Met we are proud of being a member of the Tool Manufacturers Association of Turkey, since 2006

We Are Participating In the Table Tennis Tournament of the Bursa Institutions League...

We think that Bursa has a special place in Turkey when Table Tennis is mentioned. People who have done this sport in a part of their lives have decided to return after seeing the youngsters trained by the esteemed trainers who adored this sport in the 80's. A short while after 5 – 6 institutions gathered to play, the first steps to the foundation of veteran activities began. The word "Veteran" means retired experienced person, retired soldier

Our company has participated in the 2013 / 2014 Institutional Table Tennis Tournament and has been represented successfully. At first, there had been a 12 person tournament within our company. The ranked personnel have been entitled to represent our company. We also wish to thank Mr. Dr. Peyman JAVADI who participated in these matches as a guest player. The tournament took place with the participation of 13 companies. The support, the intercorporate personnel motivation provided by our Human Resources Manager Mrs. Emel SENOL and our CEO Mr. Erol SENOL has demonstrated our sensitivity for social and cultural activities. These activities have provided us to be seen as an example throughout the sector. Our struggle which began amateurishly and our vision will serve as a model and with business support; we will have a high rank in Turkey and become an internationally worthy company

Our Blood Donation Campaign...

Plast Met Corporate Group, which wishes to emphasize the importance of saving lives through blood donation; takes pride in supporting the Blood Donation Campaign carried out by Kızılay since 2008. Kızılay, which has been striving to reach donators with slogans like "We Need Each Other", "Blood Is A Necessity Not An Emergency" and "Come On Turkey Be A Constant Donator" has been supported by Plast Met for the last 4 years. From blue - collar personnel of the Management to all volunteer employees, everyone donates blood and supports those in need and the future; in the Blood Donation Center installed inside Plast-Met Corporate Group, under the supervision of doctors, nurses and professors who participate in the traditional Kızılay Blood Donation event.

Our employee Sercan GEYİK, who was deemed worthy by Kızılay with the Bronze Medal Prize in 2013, has been handed the prize by the Authorities of Kızılay. This demonstrates the importance that Plast-Met Corporate Group gives the Blood Donation Campaign. We wish to live feel this pride with all but not just one of our employees. We wish to see Gold Medals instead of Bronze