Plast Met Group Continues Its Growth Despite The Recession In The Sector

     Plast Met Corporate Group, which continues its production for the Automotive, Domestic Appliences and the Electrical Electronics sectors in its facilities located in Istanbul and Bursa; has grown in 2012 and 2013 with new projects and investments.

     Plast Met , which was founded in Istanbul-Hasköy in 1987; continues to serve primarily the automotive sector along with the domestic appliances and electrical electronics sectors. The company serves with 400 employees in their facilities located one in Istanbul (Plast Met Molding Industry) and two in Bursa Hasanağa Organized Industrial Zone (Plast Met Plastic Metal Industry and Plast Met Cable & Electrical Systems). The CEO of Plast Met Corporate Group Mr. Erol ŞENOL has answered our questions regarding the 2012 – 2013 activities and targets of the group companies.


     Erol ŞENOL reminded that the growth of automotive industry in 2011 was followed by a recession in of 10% in sections such as production and export in 2012. "Despite this we, as Plast Met Corporate Group; have incorporated new customers and have gone through increase in endorsement and employment. Mr. Şenol continued to mention the about the activities; "Our companies Plast Met Metal, Plast Met Cable & Electrical Systems located in Bursa Hasanağa Organized Industry Zone and installed on a 17.000 m2 are inside a 26.000 m2

open space posses plastic injection machines of various tonnage and sizes, eccentric presses and tailor-made installation equipment. Our company manufactures components for the Automotive Supply Industry with various installations lines."


     "We serve our domestic and international customers with our Mould Production Factory installed on a 5.000m2 area located in Istanbul Anatolian Side Organized Industry Zone, with an annual production capacity of 200 to 250 moulds. We are able to produce big moulds such as vehicle door panles which the biggest are from 20 to 25 tons. Also we have the capability to produce vital lens moulds for automotive, by using specific polishing techniques. The characteristic features that seperates us from others; is to stand by our moulds as lond as they function and our customers demand them, provide all sorts of maintenance and innovation, and provide a service to satisfy the customer even after 15 to 20 years."


     Mr. Erol ŞENOL mentioned that they have an ongoing study for the opening of a new production center in Istanbul in 2013. He also added;

     "Our corporate group possesses the ISO / TS Quality Management System and the ISO 14001 Environment Management System that are indispensable among quality systems; and all activities are sustained according to the necessities of these systems. We present a customer based service principle with our frequently updated technology and experienced staff. We are strengthening our position in the sector each day by concluding every project on time and precisely, and with the quick reactions we show against changes. "


     Mr. ŞENOL, who mentioned that they are effective in the global market; "We worked hard in 2012 by participating in the projects of Turkey's biggest automobile manufacturers like Ford and Oyak Renault. We worked in accordance with the target definitions and strengthened both our infrastructure and the confidence of our customers. As a result we continued to grow by taking part in new vehicles that will be released in 2013.


     Mr. ŞENOL, who stated that they have made significant investments to their corporate group in 2012; also added; "We renewed ourselves technologically, and increased our capacity by enhancing the machinery. We also provided a significant amount of employment with the investment we made to our human resources. We consider 2013 as a recovery period and the settling of investments; due to the economical uncertainty in Europe. In long-term; we hope to have a consistent endeavor and to continue our customer satisfaction based growth. With our investments, we have managed to be among the elite of the sector. With 2013, we are proceeding non-stop to move forward by benefiting from opportunities that may take us a step further. We will constantly strive to open the distance between our competitors, and to provide our customers fast, quality and economic solutions with the expectation of having a place among the top players of the global market. ""


     Mr. ŞENOL points out that the automotive industry in Turkey bright future, and it is important to take timely action and the rşght steps. "We believe that these steps have already been taken. The next 5 years seems to be an efficient period for the Turkish automotive Industry. But the truth of 'China' must not be ignored. We are all in for tough times in the future due to their rapidly developing technologies and increasing accumulation of knowledge with the companies they are buying. If we wish to compete with China, we must create the necessary circumstances to do so. With the collaboration of our government, we must search for ways to revive the Turkish Automotive Industry by owning the electrical vehicle and lead the way to implement new technologies by accelerating R&D investments.we think the biggest problem is the lack of qualified employees. For this reason; for the next 2 years we will spare more time on training and effort to strengthen our human resources by taking professional assistance. We believe that every company that wishes to be successful must invest in their human resources and increase the hours of annual training per person."

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