Plast Met produces Plastic Parts, Embodied Sheet Parts, Mounted Plastic-Metal Parts, Cable Bundles, Remote Control Panels. The company targets to be a supply industry leader in the Automotive Industry by using the developing and up to date technologies in relation to the changing necessities and conditions; by providing customer satisfaction and presenting the fastest, most economic and highest quality solutions within the scope of perpetual company principles.
     In accordance with this target we aim to;
  • »» Manufacture human friendly products with the perception of social accountability,
  • »» Work in mutual collaboration and trust with our sub-industry companies,
  • »» Increase customer satisfaction by constantly developing our Quality Management System,
  • »» Have human resources, company organization and culture capable of questioning everything they do with quality awareness,
  • »» Provide safe working conditions,
  • »» Have respect to nature and society by being a piece of the natural life chain,
  • »» Resolving upcoming problems together within the team spirit and in line with common targets, by increasing the level of training and individual progress in order to maintain the commitment and satisfaction of our work,
  • »» We have adopted the principles of being honest, dependable, innovative and modern.
All our staff, initially our Top Management; are responsible of implementing the Quality Policy of PLAST MET, and developing the efficiency of our Quality Management System.
     Plast Met produces Plastic Injection Parts, Embodied Sheet Parts, Mounted Plastic-Plastic and Plastic-Metal Parts for the Automotive Industry. In every stage of production and service activities, with the participation of our Top Management and all our staff; we demonstrate our sensitivity of environmental awareness and implement accordingly with the necessities of the Environmental Management system..
     To reach our targets;
  • »» We aim to reduce the environmental effects, and constantly progress in the light of our experience and knowledge depending on developing technologies and with the participation of all our staff and suppliers,
  • »» Prevent pollution by controlling usage of natural resources and waste that may occur during our constant progress and processes,
  • »» Perform all legal and other conditions in our line of work,
  • »» We guarantee to raise the awareness of all our staff and suppliers through frequent training.